"I believe in passion and the power of music. It makes the world a better place."

Hans Stachowiak, President & CEO
The first company of the Megabien Group was founded in Minneapolis, USA in 2003. Since then Megabien has grown into a group of companies, offering full-service production services for music, video, and photography, as well as rights management and licensing and royalty collection services.

Megabien is based in Minneapolis, USA and in Provence, France, where we operate a retreat-like production facility for music, video, and photography.

We are an idea-driven, international team with ambitious talents and personalities. We are creative and passionate. We love to to challenge the norm. We enjoy making our clients dreams come true.

Hans Stachowiak


President & CEO

Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Author


Hans Stachowiak President & CEO

Monika Hurka


Finances, Accounting, Rights management

Photography, Videography, Graphic design


Monika Hurka Financial Officer

Fred Stephenson


IT specialist, Programmer, Developer

Drummer, Singer, Songwriter


Fred Stephenson IT Manager

Aline Anliker


Press & Communications Manager



Aline Anliker Press & Communications Manager

Billy Peterson


Musical Director

Bassist, Songwriter, Producer


Billy Peterson Musical Director

René Tinner


Producer, Recording Engineer


René Tinner Producer & Recording Engineer

Mark Howard


Producer, Recording Engineer


Mark Howard Producer & Recording Engineer

Bernd Wittelsbach




Bernd Wittelsbach Photographer