Release of Stasan´s New Album "Le Sud"

The new studio album of megabien artist STASAN, produced in the USA (Minneapolis), Germany (Odenwald) and France (Corsica and Provence) will be released on December 29, 2017.

  • 2017, 07 December

All songs are written by STASAN and are produced in Minneapolis/USA, Odenwald/Germany and France/Corsica & Provence. However, “Le Sud” is not only about the South of France, it includes songs which also translate STASAN’s relentless criticism of injustice and racism, as well as his message to build a world without hatred, such as “Running Out Of Time, or “There Was A Time” that describes the thievery of Indian land in North America.

This second studio album confirms STASAN’s unique, straightforward, personal songwriting and guitar style that is influenced by his musical life in Germany during the 60’s. The participation of musicians from Minneapolis, such as saxophonist David Eiland (David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Human League etc.…), and others from Germany and France have tastefully contributed to STASAN’s second album, amplifying its special style between Rock and groovin’ ballads.

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