Crime thriller, Split Feather, released February 2018

Recently released, the crime thriller Split Feather by Hans Stachowiak, suffused in Navajo history, tells the story of a man learning of his complex past and trying to right a world of injustice in one determined to silence the truth.

  • 2018, 20 February

Published and released this February, this novel, Split Feather by Hans Stachowiak, weaves a story steeped in Navajo Aboriginal history. This incredible page-turner is a biting tale of a lawyer discovering a past of hidden truths, setting him on an epic journey for truth and justice.

Hans Stachowiak has always had an interest in Aboriginal culture and history. Whilst living in Minnesota, he became further aware and concerned with Aboriginal truths. Told freshly, this novel is an accumulation of his research and further understanding into these injustices that have occurred.

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