By Stasan

Format: Album

Release: 29 December 2017

Genre: Rock

Label: Megabien Music

Producer: Hans Stachowiak for Megabien

Recording: Hans Stachowiak at Megabien

. Studios

Mixing: Hans Stachowiak

. at Megabien Studios

Mastering: Hans Stachowiak, Kerry Johnson

. at ADS Group

Songwriter: Stasan

Artwork: Monika Hurka

Design: Monika Hurka

Photography: Monika Hurka, Bernd Wittelsbach

Liner Notes: Monika Hurka



1     Le Sud     
2     To Be A Man     
3     Je N´En Sais Rien     
4     The Odenwald     
5     Sunday Night     
6     Le Sud Unplugged     
7     There Was A Time     
8     Hold On     
9     Running Out Of Time     
10    Cameleon     
11    Higher     
12    Thank You For Your Time (feat. Cabodevila)

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