Stasan - Keep Your Dreams Alive

Year: 2022

Artist: Stasan

Producer: Hans Stachowiak

Production: Megabien Group

The brutal war in the Ukraine, the horrible destruction of a whole country and its population, made singer-songwriter STASAN to express his solidarity with the people in Ukraine through his song ”Keep Your Dreams Alive”. The song is a message to the Ukrainian people not to give up and keep dreaming of a better future. For this song, STASAN is honored to have the participation of renowned musicians such as Chad Cromwell (Stevie Nicks, Mark Knopfler, Neil Young…) Kenny Greenberg (Stevie Nicks, Joe Cocker, Taylor Swift…) and Michael Rodes (J.J. Cale, Steve Winwood, Stevie Nicks, Lady Antebellum…)